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TC Brake & Alignments auto repair shop opened in 2009 with seasoned veterans supplying excellent brake and alignment services. With 30 years of experience in our auto shop, it made it easy for us to be voted #1 brake shop in Traverse City by the readers of the Record Eagle. Family owned and operated, we enjoy being able to offer one of the best warranties in town on vehicle services. We want to make sure that our patrons know how much honesty and accuracy means to us, being in the auto repair industry. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary, same day service that keeps our customers just as loyal and devoted to excellence as we are.

We service and repair vehicle brakes, car and truck Anti-lock braking systems (ABS), vehicle alignments, four wheel drive, auto drivelines, vehicle wheel bearings, automobile steering and some light automotive engine work.

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Automotive Services

Brakes & (ABS) Repairs

Brake systems in cars require a number of parts that work together to ensure safety in stopping the vehicle. Hydraulic fluid and lines, brake pedals and pads, master cylinder, power brake booster, and anti-lock brake sensors are all components of a car's braking system that may need servicing, repairs, and replacements. Make note of any changes in response times when braking your vehicle as well as the feel beneath your foot. If the pedal depresses in a soft, ineffective manner, you may need fluid or perhaps new lines. If there is a grinding feeling and noise when you brake, you likely need new brake pads.

Vehicle Alignments

There are several calculations and parts to your vehicle that, in perfect alignment, make it go straight while in motion. Wheel alignment can be offset under any number of conditions, such as hitting potholes. The main aspects of alignment involve the caster, camber, and toe. These measurements work together in aligning the vehicle, meaning that one of them being off can negatively affect the others and decrease driving performance. The tilt of a tire, the height and weight of a vehicle, the wear and tear that naturally occurs while driving, and the impact that the vehicle incurs with various road conditions can all contribute to the need for a wheel alignment.

Vehicle Wheel bearings

When a vehicle is in motion, the wheels are rotating smoothly. Wheels require bearings, which are tiny metal spheres, which provide the smooth rotation of the wheel, reducing friction. Just as a tire rotates on the ground, rolling instead of sliding, bearings need to be able to roll against one another and other parts within the hub to ensure optimal driving. When bearings are negatively affected by the elements, the smooth driving of the vehicle is compromised. Wheel bearings require grease and untainted seals for prime functioning. When a seal goes bad, water and grime can enter the bearing cavity, disrupting that gliding rotation. Water can rust a bearing, while grime and dirt can adhere to bearings or muddle the grease that keeps them and the wheel moving smoothly.

Vehicle Suspension Work

Your vehicle's suspension system provides pressure and friction between the tires and the road in order to maintain driving stability. When force is applied to the wheels of the car, there must be something to absorb impact, keeping the other components—including the cabin holding passengers—safe and stable. When a vehicle has poor suspension, it may shake or bounce like a spring when it hits even a small bump. Suspension systems also handle the transfer of weight so that a vehicle is not thrown out of balance when in motion and so that wheels maintain friction with the road as they are affected by gravity and unexpected forces of energy.

Four Wheel Drive 4X4 Repair

The utilization of all 4 wheels during braking and driving mostly has to do with traction performance. When a car is equipped with four-wheel drive, it performs much better than 2-wheel drive cars, especially under extreme conditions, such as rough winter weather. When all four wheels are working together, traction is greater, reducing chances of getting stuck in mud and snow, and reducing skidding while depressing brakes. Maintaining a highly-functioning 4-wheel drive system means making sure that every component, including electrical indicators, are in operation.

Drive Line Repairs

The parts that connect the axle to the transmission in your vehicle make up the driveline. Not to be confused with the drivetrain, which encompasses these parts plus the transmission, the driveline consists of driveshafts, axles, joints, differentials, and wheels. All of these parts work together to keep the motion of your vehicle fluid. Being that many parts make up the driveline, there are several things that could go wrong within this area of the car. Making certain that all of the driveline parts are functioning properly and in conjunction with one another is important for the upkeep of your engine and transmission. One indicator that there is a problem with your driveline is a vibration in your driving and steering. Sometimes one part is out of balance, while other times something just needs tightening or a slight tweak to its angle.

Steering Repairs

Your steering column and everything that works along with it is incredibly integral for the safe functioning of your vehicle. Steering is a main controlling component that allows for the operator of the vehicle to have full possession of a desired course. Parts that adhere the steering column all the way down to the wheel functions play into the response and control of the navigation of your vehicle. While power steering issues can occur—rendering a vehicle difficult to maneuver until fixed—there are several other parts that contribute to the steering operation that can malfunction or wear out over time. Tie rods and steering arms are main players in this department, but it is important to remember all of the small parts may need replacing or simple repairs.

Light Engine Work

We repair and fix vehicle starters, alternators, some water pumps and other miscellaneous engine work. Just give us a call about any engine work you may need and we will let you know if we are capable of repairing your engine trouble.

Computer Vehicle Diagnostics

For your vehicle repairs, the best way to determine an internal issue is to electronically diagnose the problem. Hooking a computer diagnostic device up to your car's electronic module allows for an output to be displayed indicating which components have malfunctioned. The circuit board is attached to the many sensors a vehicle has, as well as communication chips that relay each type of malfunction to the computer unit. When your check engine light comes on, a computer diagnostic device may be helpful in determining the root of the problem within your vehicle. When the code pops up on the device, a technician's accurate servicing will remove the error code.


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